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What kind of cake are you looking for?

Atomic Cake    Assorted and Torte    Store Cakes    Novelty and Shaped Cakes    Decorating and Toy Sets


Cakes Made to Order
































All of our "Made to Order" cakes include 2 layers of cake with one filling and include professional decorating.  We also do amazing custom decorating and have character toy sets available for an additional cost.  We have an extensive library of photos on our decorating page.  If you are looking for a specific character or theme and do not see it, let us know...we either have it or can create it. 

All orders must be placed 1 day in advance.   Although same day ordering, if placed by 12 noon, may be done on a best effort basis, we cannot guarantee.  Please stop in or call

(708) 349-8516.


A Friendly Note Regarding Online Prices:  Due to the digital age, we have our prices listed on many different mediums; price sheets, internet pages, our cash registers, etc...Although we try to make every effort to ensure that our prices are updated and correct in all of these places, from time to time we do make changes and these changes may not be reflected everywhere.  Prices quoted in store are final. 

Regular Cakes

Choose any 2 layers of cake with one layer of filling

Size Servings Price Premium Icing Premium Filling Premium Cake































1/2 Sheet (12x16) 30-36 $59.99 $4.50 $9 $3.50
Full Sheet (16x24) 60-72 $103.99 $6 $13 $4




Butter Cream

Chocolate Butter Cream





Butter Cream

Chocolate Butter Cream

Chocolate Fudge

Pineapple Preserve

Strawberry Preserve

Raspberry Preserve

Whipped Cream

Vanilla Custard

Chocolate Custard






Angel Food


Premium Icing

Whipped Cream

Chocolate Whipped Cream

 Chocolate Fudge *

Cream Cheese

German Chocolate *


Premium Filling

Fresh Strawberry

Fresh Banana

Fresh Pineapple

Fresh Cherry


German Chocolate

Cream Cheese

Premium Cake



Marble Pound





Fudge Topper - 

Wedding Cake Icing -

1/2 and 1/2 Cakes -

Precut 1/2 Sheet Cake -

Precut Full Sheet Cake -

Fresh Strawberries around top of Cake - 

Cake Made into Heart Shape -

Cake made into Square Shape -

Cake made into Graduation Cap -












Other Notes


*  Cakes iced with fudge can not include fresh fruit


*  Cakes iced with German Chocolate can only be iced on top of cake - sides will have a clear band


*  Cakes without whipped cream or fresh fruit can be made without a band, please specify when ordering.

You have your cake...now how do you want it decorated? Click here for options
  Atomic Cakes

The Legendary Orland Park Bakery Atomic Cake is a three layer cake...starting with a  banana cake base that is topped with fresh cut bananas and custard.  Next is a layer of yellow cake topped with fresh chopped strawberries and whipped cream.  The final layer is chocolate cake topped with chocolate fudge.  The cake is then iced with whipped cream. 

Absolute Heaven!

Size Servings Price
7" 6-8 $24.99
8" 10-12 $32.99
9" 14-18 $40.99
10" 20-22 $49.99
12" 25-28 $65.99
14" 40-45 $85.99
1/2 Sheet 50-55 $93.99
Full Sheet 100-120 $168.99
Specialty Torte Cakes

Chocolate Whipped Cream Torte

Here you will find some of our favorite Cakes.  You can order one of our assorted cakes like German Chocolate or Black Forest.  You can also build your own "Made to Order" torte cake (Prices vary - Please contact the bakery for pricing on Custom Tortes).  Stop in or call (708) 349-8516 to place your order today.




German Chocolate




Carrot Cake

Size Servings Price
8" 10-12 $32.99
9" 14-18 $40.99
10" 20-22 $49.99
12" 25-28 Please Call
14" 40-45 Please Call
1/2 Sheet 50-55 Please Call
Full Sheet 100-120 Please Call

Black Forest

 Irish Mist                           Irish Cream


Store Cakes
Orland Park Bakery carries a large selection of cakes ready for in store pickup.  Click here to view our Store Cake Page.
Novelty and Shaped Cakes

Orland Park Bakery carries or can create a cake in just about any shape that you can think of.  Click here to view our Novelty and Shape Cake page.

Cake Decorating and Toy Sets
Your options are pretty much limitless when it comes to decorating your cake.  Click here to visit our Cake Decorating Page.
Atomic Cake    Assorted and Torte    Store Cakes    Novelty and Shaped Cakes    Decorating and Toy Sets

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