Uh OhOur Layer Cakes can be referred to as “Build Your Own Event Cakes”.  You pick out the cake size, dough, filling and icing flavors, then let us know how you want it decorated.  You can add a custom drawing, toy set or edible image to really personalize your cake!  Our layer cakes can be ordered in either 2 layer (2 layers of cake with one layer of filling) or a 3 layer torte (3 layers of cake with 2 layers of filling).  Sizes range from 8″ up to a full sheet. Although layer cakes can be cut into custom shapes, round, square and sheet cakes are standard. If you are looking for a cake which is shaped or more custom, you can take a look at our Novelty or Custom Shaped cake sections. Please contact us for any questions or to place an order.

Cake Size and Servings

The following tabs show the sizes we make our layer cakes. Click on the tab of each size to see the serving information

8 inch9 inch10 inch12 inch14 inchHalf SheetFull Sheet
2 Layer Round – Serves 8 to 10
2 Layer Square – Serves 12 to 16
3 Layer Round – Serves 10 to 12
3 Layer Square – Serves 14 to 18
2 Layer Round – Serves 12 to 16
2 Layer Square – Serves 14 to 20
3 Layer Round – Serves 12 to 18
3 Layer Square – Serves 16 to 20
2 Layer Round – Serves 18 to 20
2 Layer Square – Serves 22 to 24
3 Layer Round – Serves 20 to 22
3 Layer Square – Serves 24 to 26
2 Layer Round – Serves 24 to 26
2 Layer Square – Serves 28 to 30
3 Layer Round – Serves 25 to 28
3 Layer Square – Serves 30 to 34
2 Layer Round – Serves 30 to 36
2 Layer Square – Serves 34 to 40
3 Layer Round – Serves 40 to 45
3 Layer Square – Serves 44 to 50
2 Layer – Serves 30 to 36
3 Layer – Serves 40 to 45
2 Layer – Serves 60 to 72
3 Layer – Serves 100 to 120

Cake Options

Items marked with an asterisk * are premium options and my be an additional charge.

Cake FlavorsFilling FlavorsIcing FlavorsAdditional Cake Options
Angel Food
Red Velvet*
Pound Cake*
Marble Pound Cake*
Custom Cake Flavors and or Colors are also available*
Butter Cream
Chocolate Butter Cream
Chocolate Fudge
Pineapple Preserve
Strawberry Preserve
Raspberry Preserve
Whipped Cream
Vanilla Custard
Chocolate Custard
Chocolate Whipped Cream
Fresh Strawberry*
Fresh Banana*
Fresh Pineapple*
Fresh Cherry*
German Chocolate*
Cream Cheese*
Custom Filling Flavors and or Colors are also available*
Butter Cream
Chocolate Butter Cream
Whipped Cream*
Chocolate Whipped Cream*
Chocolate Fudge*
Cream Cheese*
German Chocolate*

The following options can be added to your layer cake and may be an additional charge

Fudge Topper – Layer of fudge over top cake layer, just below icing (same as on Atomic Cake)
Pre-cut Half and Full Sheets – Sheet cakes can be pre-cut before we ice them
Color matching – If you would like us to match a color to your party’s theme, you need to bring in a physical sample and we will match it as close as possible

Layer Cake Decorating Options

All of our ordered layer cakes include writing and decoration with either flowers or ballons in the color of your choosing. Click on the tabs below to see the additional options available to make your cake your very own.

Custom DrawingEdible ImagesToy SetsFondant and Gum-Paste
From airbrushed scenes to piped on masterpieces, our team of decorators will take your ideas and make them come to life. All of the custom drawings are priced based on the detail, time and difficulty. Send us your ideas and we will let you know what we can do with them.

Orland Park Bakery utilizes a state of the art edible printing machine from Bakery Craft which allows us to print virtually any type of image or picture, including many licensed images. If you are looking to print a picture which you own, you can simply send it to us in either a hardcopy or digital format ready to print.
Orland Park Bakery carries a large selection of toy sets that can be placed on any layer cake 10 inches or larger. The pictures below are of cakes with some of our more popular toy sets. Please be aware that the sets do change often and the figures that you see here may no longer be available. Some of the pictures may also be of toy sets with additional drawings or decoration.

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Icing and decorating in fondant can give your cake a clean and modern look. But even if you want to have your cake iced in our delicious butter cream, you can still choose to have your decoration and any pieces or figures made up from fondant or gum-paste. This allows us more options and flexibility than decorating with icing. All of our fondant work pricing is based on the amount of material needed along with the time necessary to form, cut and mold the decoration.

If you are looking for fondant shaped or tiered cakes, please see ourNovelty or Custom Shaped cake sections.